Amy’s 91st Birthday!

Our long-term resident, Amy, celebrated her 91st birthday in the facility with family and friends!

National Day Of Prayer, May 1, 2014 – “In Defiance of Suffering” by Dianne H. Timmering (with Video)

Today is a beginning, a new relentless pursuit in the deconstruction of suffering at every page of the healthcare continuum from the early signs and symptoms to the diagnosis of hopelessness, at the moment of collision of hurt and fear. We are a people who are afraid, who fear unknowns, who suffer blindly because of what might be or what has been.

What if we didn’t have to?

What if we could find that one elixir, a spiritual means for example at its cellular core and inject it, activate it into every condition, thought and situation, and then the element of its essence defies the mind from the negative place where untruths lie, and suffering roots.

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Testimonials to the Power of the Chaplain Program In Long-Term Care

One of the things that makes Signature HealthCARE unique in the long-term healthcare industry is that we employ full-time Chaplains in all of our facilities.

Full-time chaplains serve through bold  listening, hope and humility, striving to meet patients, employees and family members where they are, at the point of their spiritual need. The chaplain serves not just as a service of prayer but as a clinical intervention of hope and healing.

Dennis Moreno-Lacalle serves at Signature HealthCARE of Port Charlotte, bringing the spiritual care that our dear patients deserve so much. Below are some testimonial letters from patients and family members attesting to the emotional and spiritual healing well of unconditional love for
people of all faiths, cultures and beliefs.

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